Aids in Africa : France must provide treatments!

Considering the exceptional gravity of the AIDS outbreak striking down millions of people in the world and threatening whole populations with destruction,

We hereby, declare,

that an exceptional mobilisation and intervention becomes indispensable, as this disease is now controllable with tested treatments in western countries,

thus, in consequence of the declaration sent in the name of France by Jacques Chirac to the delegates of the XIII AIDS Conference held in July 2000 in Durban, which states that France disagrees with the actual disparity in access to treatments,

we therefore demand,

that our country starts producing from now on anti viral drugs so as to make them available, both free of charge and with the indispensable logistics, to the health organisations and to the doctors of countries affected by the outbreak, in particular ancient French colonies.

Of course this appeal to keep French engagements doesn't exclude an overall action in Africa and in the rest of the world : this is an appeal for global action.

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