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Music Series
Nurit Pacht

Photo ©Christian Steiner
Portrait of Richard Wagner, Auguste Renoir, 1882
In association with the Goethe-Institute, Istituto Italiano di Cultura and the Wagner Society of New York. Supported by Chanel, SociŽtŽ GŽnŽrale and the Berlys Foundation. Special thanks to American Airlines for their support.

Wagner, Our Contemporary

The Alliance Players 2006 Program
Nurit Pacht, Artistic Director

The Alliance Players_ second season plunges into the enchanting and ominous world of Richard Wagner with four concerts and lectures tracing the context of the music performed. The series features several U.S. premieres including one of today_s most fascinating pieces of musical theater: composer Salvatore Sciarrino_s Lohengrin, inspired by Wagner_s masterpiece.

Ticket information for each concert and the subscription for the entire series is below.

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I - Wagner: Philosopher or Impostor? (February 27 at 8pm )
II - The Perfect Wagnerites? (March 27 at 8pm)
III - Lohengrin: An “Invisible Action” by Salvatore Sciarrino (April 24 at 8pm)
Monday, May 1 at 8pm | Florence Gould Hall | In German
IV - Wagner: Visionary or Gravedigger?
Enjoy a program of groundbreaking music; then decide for yourself about Wagner’s position in the subversion of tonality at the turn of the 20th century. The evening’s program includes Liszt’s Bagatelle Without Tonality and Wagner’s Dedication for Piano.
LISZT – La lugubre gondole, for cello and piano
LISZT – Bagatelle Without Tonality, for piano
WAGNER – Dedication, for piano
SCHOENBERG – Verklärte Nacht, for string sextet
SCHOENBERG – Quartet No. 2, for soprano and string quartet
PRE-CONCERT LECTURE Is Schoenberg Wagner’s Future?
François Nicolas, composer and professor at l’École normale supérieure de Paris
Monday, May 1, 6pm | Florence Gould Hall | In English

Beyond some shared personality traits, Wagner’s and Schoenberg’s compositions are clearly dissimilar, as are their roles in the history of music. Indeed, Debussy saw “dusk” in Wagner and Berg presented Schoenberg as “dawn.”
What is there to expect of the relationship between a crepuscular-Wagner and an aurora-Schoenberg? And how to imagine the “musical night” that have separated them?

Venue: Florence Gould Hall 55 East 59th Street

Tickets: Members & Seniors $25; Students $10; Non-Members $35

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Members & Seniors $80; Students $32; Non-Members $120

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In person: Florence Gould Hall Box Office, 55 E 59th St.
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May 1: Wagner: Visionary Or Gravedigger?

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